Mikea Howard

Author of The Diesel War series

Website of Mikea Howard, author of the dieselpunk paranormal erotic romance series The Diesel War

What is the Diesel War?


At the end of WWII, when the diesel engine became king, wereanimals and shapeshifters realized that the noise and pollution of the diesel guzzling machines began having a negative effect on their kind. With no other choice, they had to reveal themselves to prevent the cities from spreading further and taking over all of nature, their only refuge.

As could be expected, the reveal was met with xenophobia, which through its natural course, turned to anger. It sparked the Diesel War, a war between the human 'dieselheads' and the Were/Shifter 'natties'. The war raged on until society realized the humans were likening Hitler in the decimation of beings seen as 'different'. As the final Were/Shifter research facility that was being fronted as a prisoner camp was shut down, the president met with heads of the Were/Shifter societies and drew boundaries as they called for peace.

Now, many years later, both societies are still learning how to struggle through each day, trying to keep the peace. The good and bad are still present in both societies, living in unison has challenges no one could have imagined.